Shadows of a Forgotten Past (Vow of Silence)

Communication between life, and how we communicate, became an overwhelming idea. Is there a need or a want to communicate? Are we desensitizing and limiting ourselves by speaking, which is the easiest and quickest way to be understood? How can we get across ideas if speaking is taken out?
So, after a four day vow of silence, I placed myself inside of a six foot white box. There was only one rule, to draw. This is where I felt comfort for the first time in five days. While I was freely expressing my thoughts, the viewer was able to decipher what it was I was trying to express. However, the viewer is only able to see a skewed version of the actual drawing.
This is similar to the stories we tell ourselves about our past. They are only skewed, foreshortened, and more digestible versions of the truth. But it is our truth. And we do have the want and the need to communicate these truths to others. Silence is overwhelming and the world can become your own. But it was a lonely and heavy world where voices and time were lost and the sounds of everyday became important.