• Expanding the notion of traditional portraiture and being fascinated with communication, I use the space between the artist and the sitter to relate the interactions had between individuals. Whether that communication is verbal or physical, ideas of the world change through the interactions with people. I believe we are all in this world together, constantly exchanging these glances, glares, and garb as we try to figure out the world a little better.

    Beginning with an underpainting riddled with symbols, each additional layer hides elements of the previous, resulting in fragments of these symbols or memories. The disconcerting balance, the hard porous edges and soft curvaceous lines, and color theory all add to the emotional resonance of the work. Inspired by Ida Applebroog, Louise Bourgeois, and Jenny Saville, the development of the figure is pushed to an ambiguous altered state through the examination of the actions of individuals. Using an emphasis on the practice of painting, the figural subject matter becomes the essence of human experiences and the fluidity of the human form.